Why am I even doing this?

Speaking my mind and expressing my views is always something that I’ve enjoyed doing but doing so on a public platform has scared me because I’ve always thought “whose gonna care about what I say?”.

The generation we live in now is heavily influenced by social media clout, in theory the more followers you have, the ,more attractive your opinion is (or at least it seems like that to me) but to keep it real I hardly have any followers and nobody wants to speak but feel like they won’t be heard.

Also I often get told my opinions are wild or that I’m ‘tapped’ now as much as being different is great , I’ve always wanted to fit in or not be seen as such an anomaly.

So to go back to the title question ‘WHY AM I EVEN DOING THIS?’… firstly to jump start my confidence in speaking out and not caring about being seen because at the end of the day you only live once so if I do anything in life it should ultimately be for myself and not to please anyone else.

Lastly I know what its like to feel alone, to feel like no one thinks like you so I want my blogs to acts as a bridge for people who don’t relate to a lot of people, who don’t hold popular opinions and for people who are embracing being different!


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