Social Media Crazy-Generation of Why: Part 1

For my second blog post I’ve decided to start a series called… Generation of Why (but what does this actually mean?)


When adults look at young people in this current generation I know, most of the time, they are confused and always asking WHY’ we do the things that we do and quite frankly I often sit and think why too because although I’m part of this generation I don’t particular agree with a lot of things that my age mates are doing.

With this Generation of Why series I aim to simply share the various things that I think are wrong in this generation of mine. Part 1 today is going to revolve around social media!

Whether it be FacebookTwitter, Instagram or Snapchat we all have that app or apps that drag us away from reality but some people get a bit too caught up in ‘social media land’.      1

Don’t get me wrong social media is as entertaining as anything but like a lot of things in life it should be used in small doses otherwise addiction can occur. 








Along with addiction comes a bevy of people who, due to their high volume of followers, think that they’re above others which is just wrong and they need to pattern up. A few likes on Instagram accompanied by some retweets on Twitter will have some people believing they are celebrities and that the casual user are just ‘commoners’.

I’m all for self empowerment and feeling at your highest point but I feel like if you’re going to bestow a higher status upon yourself let it be because you’ve actually done something of substance not just because you’re ‘allegedly peng’ and know a lot of people.

Of course my stance doesn’t apply to everyone that has many followers because a lot of people are humble and don’t elect to run away with TEMPORARY FAME.

I think it’s very important that people don’t take what they see online as their modern day scripture and decide to believe everything they read because regularly, people are just putting out bullshit for the sake of retweets or for inappropriate empowerment i.e. the infamous Men are Trash. 

Quote of the Blog

“Being famous on Instagram, is like being rich in Monopoly

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