Together We Stand, Divided We Fall

We’re in a time now where EVERYBODY is screaming ‘squad’, ‘gang’, ‘my g’ and a whole bunch of other endearing terms that are exchanged by friends…r2

and how can we forget the lyric that took over 2017 “If gang pull up, are you gonna back your bredrin?!” Now the general consensus is that people will answer yes without hesitation but if we change that question things may get a bit more interesting.

A number of  people are making a name for themselves and putting their talents into great things such as: clothing lines, logo developing, entertainment groups, YouTube channels, podcasts, makeup and hair vendors etc. All of which require hard work so everyone that is starting their own hustle deserves a round of APPLAUSE. 

What is beyond me though is how people can claim to be someone’s friend but not ‘back their bredrins’ business/hustle, that’s not what a friend is… a friend would put their full support into it like it’s their own and ensure that they are assisting with promotion but in a lot of cases I hear that close friends aren’t supporting but instead the people who were least expected are putting in the effort!

I want to take a step away from friends and speak to a bigger issue (if that’s alright) young black people must stick together, the harsh reality is if we don’t support each other nobody else will, which is a sad truth I have tried to deny for ages. 

Us as black people are very swift to team up and join forces in the wake of sadness and tragedy for example: the H&M ad, the murder of Harry Uzoka, Grenfell just to name a few but we need to keep that same energy when greatness is manifesting amongst ourselves!

As much as we are currently a minority, if we don’t support each other we will go from minority to mute.


Quote of the Blog

“Each of us can make a difference. Together we make change”

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