Drive, Determination & Destiny

For many people my age, university is their current focus but this doesn’t apply to every 20 year old. Others are spending their time being out of education ensuring that they have experience in their desired field with apprenticeships or they are making some money being in full time employment.



Success is relative and will differ from person to person but for everyone, in order to reach the heights in life that will bring them the most happiness there must be a certain level of work ethic, effort and DRIVE.


It is all well and good wanting money, a big house, a degree, a job and just any form of success but in order to turn dreams into reality there needs to be hard work, commitment and the drive to do what needs to be done because I’m sure we’re all aware that nothing comes easy in life (especially in this day and age)

“Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard”


This quote hasn’t made sense to me more than it has recently because my future has been on my mind a lot recently (the primary reason why I wrote this blog :D), for any readers that are in university I’m sure you’ve constantly been told that your degree isn’t going to guarantee you the dream job you want.

Although it may seem disheartening, intelligence and desire aren’t enough… we must work that bit harder to gain VALUABLE experience or do anything in our power to better our chances against our competition!…This pertains to anyone not in uni as well, having a good CV and a good personality isn’t always enough to propel you forward employers and people in power ALWAYS WANT MORE.

We will all face some sort of adversity on our journey in life but we must be DETERMINED


In this generation we all have drawn the short end of stick POINT BLANK PERIODand it is much harder to do a lot of things that were once easier e.g. owning a home, buying a car, buying your weekly food shop, travelling daily via public transport, taking out a mortgage etc but through everything we must keep in high spirits and understand that we can get through it all with the strength and knowledge we own because nobody can strip that away from you!! (always remember that)

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If you’ve been paying attention, which I’m sure you all have, you would notice that I have a dedicated a section of my blog for each ‘D’ in the title and have used the ‘D’s’ as a way to shape my life and in turn give myself a positive mind-set to counteract the harsh world that we live in… With that being said the concluding section will be DESTINY.



Destiny (without the child)

 For me I am ending on the most important point because for many of us we will be: sitting in lecture, grinding in the library until early hours of the morning, doing a late shift at work with our eyes half shut, in a traffic jam stressing because we may be late to work and be thinking ‘where am I going to end up from this’ and ‘is this even worth it’

These thoughts are normal but I think that we all need to remember that no matter how hard things may seem, how far away we appear to be from our goals… WE ARE ALL DESTINED for greatness and the journey to that may end up being a long one but it will all be worth it in the end… We will enjoy the fruits of our labour.

Quote of the Blog

“I know I can, be what I want to be, if I work hard at it, I’ll be where I want to be”- Nas

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