“Age is just a number”, yeah right!

*DISCLAIMER* this blog is kind of different from my previous ones, in a sense that I am venting and ranting about my feelings so it may not be the most politically correct or censored piece of writing but sometimes this is necessary… so without further a do. 

Age is a construct that has been around since forever, age can be defined simply as the amount of time (typically in years) that you’ve been alive.

I believe it is fair to say that there are varying differences that come with being older in comparison to a more younger person… for this reason intimate relationships with a mixture of two heavily contrasting ages can be a bit tricky and in a lot of cases WRONG!

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A lot of times you hear in defence of inter age relationships the famous quote “age is just a number”, when I hear this I just roll my eyes and think give me a BREAK because in society age is a concept that qualifies and disqualifies us from certain things like: drinking, smoking, driving, education, having sex, travelling etc, so if you really think about it… NO it’s not just a number, it’s actually quite significant

If you haven’t already guessed it I’m someone whose not really a fan of big age gaps in relationships when they specifically involve a young girl and an older man (we can speak for the double standards in another blog).

I want to take this sentence to eliminate the law breakers from this blog… MANDEM THAT HAVE SEX WITH GIRLS UNDER 16 ARE CRIMINALS, ITS AGAINST THE LAW AND YOU WILL GO TO JAIL! (but this is not to say that even if she was of  legal age it’s alright) 


I want you girls that are 18+ years old to give something some thought… think about all of the knowledge you’ve accumulated as you’ve gotten older and imagine going back and starting secondary school or college again. I’m sure life would be much easier for you because you know how everything goes and what you maybe originally did wrong.

Like come on is it really acceptable for a 23-24 year old to be picking up some 16 year old girl in her uniform outside of school, what business does he have with her and likewise! He’s a whole uni graduate/grown adult while she’s just doing GCSES or being overwhelmed by the differences college brings (but she can handle a big man).


This is what these BIG MEN are doing with you just using you as a free trial to test out what he’s learned like you’re common Spotify to him, then when it’s time for premium membership he’s CANCELLING YOU


A Word to the Wise

Ladies I know a lot of you think you are smart and can decipher how a guy feels as well as what their intentions are… but girls, older guys most likely aren’t with you because they see longevity or because they have ‘feelings’ for you (sorry to say) most likely it was because he felt you were:young, dumb and easy compared to his age mates!

This isn’t your fault girls but these older guys are out here selling you dreams telling you that “you’re so special”, “you’re much more mature than the girls my age” and more similar nonsense but I suggest you don’t believe it could be that he just wants some FRESH MEAT. 

‘The Maturity Excuse’

In my time the #1 reason that I’ve heard for girls wanting to date older guys is because boys their age aren’t mature… I find this borderline laughable because:

  1. Are these girls even mature themselves?
  2. What does maturity even mean?
  3. Why do girls think age guarantees a high level of maturity?

Whenever I’ve asked a girl what maturity means to them they stagger over their words and just say serious LOOL how vague is that?

Women vs Men

It is said that women mature faster than men hence why younger females feel like they can ‘handle’ an older man but what I feel needs to be highlighted is that, granted females may mature quicker, this mental maturity is greater than that of males HER AGE not males that are older so caution needs to be taken as far as I’m concerned.

Her: I like older guys because they’re mature 

Me: I LIkE 0LdeR gUyS BecAuSe tHeY’re mAtuRe


I would like to point out that there are a lot of occasions where relationships with larger age gaps do work so I’m not trying to speak ill on every single one because some of our parents may have a large age gaps but for me I just don’t like the naivety some females have when it pertains to dealing with older guys!

I say this because girls who seek out older guys make it seem that nothing can go wrong with an older guy, when they’re still the same gender that you will go and call ‘trash’ the difference is that they will have more money and a car (but this is 2018 and girls apparently don’t like image or materialistic stuff) – SOMETHING DOESN’T ADD UP!


I do understand why a girl may feel that older guys are good and sometimes it’s not the guy that pursues the girl, it can be the other way around but this is me just dealing with what I’ve heard and what I genuinely feel. I haven’t spoken on all the dimensions of this topic but I did what I can without making it an essay!

Quote of the blog

“Age doesn’t bring maturity, maturity is a choice”



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