Be Humble, Sit Down!

For a lot of us living in a developed country like the UK, we have been gifted with quite a few things that put us in great positions over many people in the world. Although most of you reading are relatively of a mature age, we haven’t ultimately stepped into ‘the big bad world’ YET.

We still get student loans and an accommodation with rent that includes bills + If you’re not in university, you’ve got a home and food that gets prepared for you everyday, you probably are even working a job that pays a calm amount of money.

We as a younger generation have more access and exposure to things outside of our own lives due to: social media, television and the internet. In life there is a large culture of ‘celebrity glorification’ SO when the Migos get new Rolex’s WE will see it, if Drake buys a new Ferrari WE will see it & if Cardi B buys the latest Louie bag WE will see it.  

Which then leads to you potentially saying …’I want that’, ‘I wish I had that’, ‘Why can’t I have that’ and truly second guessing what actually DO have.



This doesn’t bode well because as humans I feel like a lot of us have a natural desire to want more than we already have so as we’re looking at what we have in comparison to others, we begin to live life attempting to meet the standards of life we see as opposed to being truly happy in our own reality.

For me this can be TOXIC because if you begin looking at your own life in comparison to someone who is living considerably more prosperously, you begin to undervalue the way you live, while underappreciating everything you are privileged to have… this can have various larger effects.

  1. You may develop an unhealthy attraction to materialistic things which is never good because you then create expenses that you don’t need.
  2. You’re likely to undervalue the life that you live, taking for granted what you are already blessed with.
  3. Another effect that is a possibility, is that you could start ‘faking the struggle’ but I will go into more detail about that.

‘Faking the Struggle’

In a lot of movies, music and television (even real life) a narrative is often portrayed of those overcoming their surroundings and coming from humble beginnings, then ending up successful through hard work. A ‘rags to riches story’


In this day and age people want to amplify their accomplishments by throwing out ‘how much they struggled’… now don’t get me wrong everybody goes through their individual struggles and has a right to share that but a problem lays when you’re kidding yourself into thinking that the life you lead is harder than reality shows.

I personally feel that Drake was a large contributor to making struggling naively fashionable with his hit song ‘Started From the Bottom’ , we were all in the corridors at secondary school screaming that we started from the bottom but at that age we had no accurate comprehension to what starting from the BOTTOM really meant!

Taking Things for Granted


As much as we probably don’t like to admit it, we all take things for granted in our lives (don’t worry I’m not here to give anyone a lecture because I’m not an exception) however I think that the statement you see above is very relevant and can act as a wake up call. It is undeniable that we’re in a time where the level of creativity is high, as a result the majority of things have a shorter lifespan.

SO when we get something new like a phone or trainers we know that something similar or an upgrade is going to become available a certain time after the one we have so mentally we accelerate the process of being ‘used to’ what we have, so much so that in no time we are seeking new features and capabilities WHILE taking for granted what we already have.

I know all I’ve spoken about have been material goods but it is much deeper than that, you can take for granted anything ranging from: friends, family, the air we breathe, health, feelings, time, words and love… one of the worst things you can do is live life regretting and wishing you could do things differently.

Quote of the Blog

“Appreciate what you have, before it turns into what you had”



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