A Masquerade Ball

Public Service Announcement !

*No female’s feelings will be hurt in the making of this post* (or at least I hope not)


Right now I know the title doesn’t make sense but here I am to break it down…

A masquerade ball is a type of high status party in which the participants wear masks that will conceal their identity. In this day and age walking around, I often feel like I’m at a masquerade ball to a certain extent BECUASE the way girls are wearing makeup and wigs/closures nowadays there’s no telling what they truly look like ‘unmasked’.

Ladies before any of you get the urge to stop reading, you need to understand that I’m NOT directing this at all of you. However we do need to address a statement that grinds my gears a lot…

“Makeup is used to enhance, not completely change”

Now for ‘some’ girls this statement rings true but to keep it a 100 a few girls really like to take the absolute piss with how much they want to enhance themselves. 

Girls will defend their attachment to makeup by alluding to the fact that it just highlights some of their features but how is this possible when…

Foundation presents you with a different layer of skin, concealer can be used to hide blemishes, fake eyelashes are self-explanatory, contour can be used to create an optical illusion, so in essence the only thing you’re highlighting is that you have bare shit on your face. 


When makeup is done in the right way it can be really pleasant on the eye but ladies please, it’s not everyday, let your face breathe. From what I hear it’s not even good to wear makeup all the time. I can’t speak for all guys but a lot of us truly admire and respect a girl who can look beautiful in her NATURAL skin because it’s rather easy to look good when you can play artist for a moment and brush your features on.

All I’m trying to say is that if you do need to do your makeup, try your best to look like yourself because nobody has time to play ‘Where’s Wally?’ when it’s off. Then realistically a guy is gonna look shallow when he decides he’s not attracted to you anymore after your false advertising gets outed.

I want the girls that are reading to be truly honest with themselves, when you get to the end, really deep how you would feel if all the boys you could end up speaking too were all wearing hair pieces that hid their true hairlines or makeup that prevented you from seeing their ‘real’ face?

Wigs, Wigs, Wigs

I don’t even know where to start on this topic because there’s so much that can be discussed here but first let me throw out some things that confuse me… 

  1. When did wigs become a trend amongst younger girls? because as far as I was concerned wigs were mainly worn by older ladies.
  2. Do girls believe that guys prefer them with a wig on, opposed to their natural hair?
  3. Why is it that some girls put on a wig and automatically think they’re a ‘Bad B’ just because they have a lady’s hair from another continent on their head?
  4. I personally feel that some girls allow their friends to pressure them into wearing wigs because from my observation not all girls suit them and internally they know.
  5. Do girls actually value their natural hair?


Those were just a few things that cross my mind as I think about this whole wig phenomenon. I understand that it is quite a draining process to care for your natural hair hence why wigs are worn. Some girls have hair that is weaker and prone to breaking so they decide to have their hair in a wig for protection. These reasons are all FINE and UNDERSTANDABLE.

However where my issue comes, is if girls are wearing wigs because they don’t like or value their natural hair in comparison to the Asian or South American bundles you pay mad prices for. 

I just want girls to be honest about their reasoning because it doesn’t make sense that a girl can ‘claim’ to like their natural hair but then move like it takes so much courage for them to reveal their natural hair to a guy, or refuse to FaceTime a guy without their wig on. I could see why maybe you wouldn’t want to show yourself with cornrows in… but you girls will scream bummy day just because your hair is in a nice puff without makeup. I just want someone to explain to me what is so bummy about looking like yourself?

If we’re keeping it real some girls will downright refuse to be outside without their wig on, even if they were to lay their edges and sport their puff, but as soon as the Malaysian is on they think they’re the baddest but girls its not the real you. Why can’t you keep this same energy when the wig is off instead of going into a shellShrugging Businessman

Let me address this quickly as well… GIRLS YOU CANNOT COMPARE GIRLS WEARING WIGS TO BOYS GETTING TRIMS!!!I have had enough of hearing that nonsense.

Throwing Stones in a Glass House

Society most certainly plays a role in the expectations that females set for themselves as it pertains to what’s seen as ‘beautiful’ but women need to not be so quick to play victim because a large portion of this negativity originates from friends and other women.

I’ve heard/seen girls say to their friends ‘If you still wear your natural hair out in 2017 you’re childish’ and ‘When are you going to get a wig and glow up like me’. These two statements are so bad and really telling of how certain girls TRULY feel about their natural hair.

We as a minority group need to understand that for others to take our concerns seriously and all of the matters that affect us as a race, we have to be united around each other before we can expect the world to stand with us.

Quote of the blog

“When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you”



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