If I Can’t Have You No One Can

For anybody reading that isn’t aware, I’m black so anything you see below will definitely not be biased because quite frankly I don’t mind ruffling a few feathers amongst the community. Even let me take it a step further, I feel like it’s important that someone comes along and takes a different stand from everyone else because too often than not I see issues on race being agreed with when really its just everyone not wanting to be seen as ‘less black’


Let me get straight to the point “Us as black people play victim too much” and “We as black/minorities people feel too untitled”. Now without any context or reasoning these two statements just sound crazy I know, so let me lead you into my thought process. 


As a minority race, unfortunately our history has been filled with: inequality, discrimination, exclusion, offense etc. Not even just our past history but in the present life that we all live we are constantly on the defensive and being made to feel like our colour/race is stopping us from reaching certain heights BUT I feel like ‘pulling the race card’ is too forced today!

It is far too easy and convenient to use racism as a scapegoat to conceal the true reality that sometimes you’re just not good enough or just honestly not the best fit for something... PLAIN AND SIMPLE.

Mo’Nique vs Netflix

This situation was really annoying for me because it was another example of a black person using their race as a sympathy plot. If Mo’Nique just said “I want more money, do you know what I’ve done in my career” it would’ve been fine for me BUT she chose to draw out Amy Schumer. Now first of all I have no idea why I even know who Mo’Nique is to be honest but from what I do know of her she’s definitely not a worldwide name AT ALL.

She claims racial and gender bias but I’m sure that Netflix would offer more money to somebody like Tiffany Haddish so the denominator is really just the level of relevance not prejudice.

Her clout in the entertainment business has definitely been on mute for years, while Amy Schumer is constantly coming with fresh, new ventures. She’s appearing in movies, just came off tour, appeared on Saturday Night Live (which is a huge deal), hosted the MTV Movie Awards etc. So in reality she definitely is more appealing to Netflix than Mo’Nique… and no, not because she’s white but because she’s more FAMOUS.


Black James Bond

James Bond is a character that has been a part of British and film history since 1962, with 7 men having played the role thus far. All of them have been white but some people have been calling for a black James Bond namely for Idris Elba to play him.

Famous Bond actor Sir Roger Moore was asked what he felt about this and he said “Although James may have been played by a Scot, a Welshman and an Irishman, I think he should be ‘English-English'”. Now although this statement caused a stir I feel like everyone knows that what he said is fair because let’s be honest those of you that are extremely cultured wouldn’t even claim to be English anyway.

If the uproar was because it was basically insinuated that a non-white person can’t be James Bond fair enough… but I see NOTHING wrong with that.

I feel like because we as black people are too accustomed to having our race be a barrier and blocker to success and reaching high places, when a black person gets turned down for something the reason ALWAYS has to lead to racism or discrimination


Are We Crying Wolf too Much?

My fellow black people we need to pick and choose what race battles we want to ‘attempt’ to fight, honestly not everything needs to get brought back to the topic of race. As much as it is very important for discussions of race to be brought up… when it takes place every second, of every day and about every topic it really taints and dilutes the strength of the overall point. 

We always expect white people to just grant us opportunities and I feel like we can’t feel too entitled to stuff as kind of repayment for the all of the hardship we’ve faced. We should whole heartedly know that we deserve each opportunity we are given not just expect pity.

Everybody Hates Chris & Everybody Loves Raymond

I was even on Twitter and saw a tweet that basically said, “why does everyone love Raymond but hate Chris, the producers are racist”. This stupidity is exactly why I have written this post. If people really had sense they would know CHRIS ROCK made the show and is documenting how as a child he was bullied in other words ‘everyone hated him’

Quote of the day

“Just because your pain is understandable, doesn’t mean your behaviour is acceptable”


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