We Aren’t Built to be Equal

“Hold on wait a minute ya’ll thought I was finished”…

What a great way to start off my comeback blog after I haven’t posted in a while and of course… FREE MEEK!

It’s only right I come back with some fire because a lot of people have suggested I write more controversial topics and what’s more controversial than triggering some females.


“Girls are finished”

Guys will know what I mean but I genuinely am worried about some girls in this generation, like from what I’ve seen girls just don’t know what they want, they feel they just know everything, they rarely keep the same energy, they just like to flip flop and only have an issue with things when it’s convenient.

Nothing will confuse me more than having  a conversation with certain girls while they are defending themselves LOOL. I actually think girls will actually say shit that in their heart they don’t believe themselves just to appear right (but so often they want to bring up ‘male pride’.


Girls are in love with the prospect of equality because they want to feel empowered but in reality any smart female will acknowledge that they don’t actually want tables to be turned. They just don’t to their gender to hold them back from life.

On one hand females do draw the short end of the stick but I find girls like to comment and live life without acknowledging the injustices men face over women as well as the double standards that work in their favour. 

I’ve noticed that there is a large issue with men telling women that they should respect themselves and not sleep around. Now I can accept that women receive more scrutiny for having numerous sexual encounters than when men do so, but quite frankly there’s nothing wrong with that.


I don’t see why females are finding this an issue because if you are out here opening your legs for any and everyone then you have a case to have a problem with this but even then at the end of the day you are wrong for distributing samples of your body to the masses (males are wrong to for this also).

Apparently all you girls are ‘innocent’ and not having sex so why are you stressing yourself defending something that you don’t want to do AND on a more serious note you wouldn’t want your own daughter doing.

For the sake of equality you girls are going to be in public being a spokesperson for ‘sexual liberation’ (absolutely hate that term) but then will be gossiping with your friends calling a next girl a hoe, honestly is it that hard to KEEP THE SAME ENERGY!

‘Men Get Away with It’

Now I guess this equality issue starts with the narrative that men get away with murder but then females get all of the criticism. Now if we look at things from a different perspective…

Naturally males and females are attributed with various contrasting characteristics, not to mention gender roles that have been established in society. I feel like women are held in a very good light compared to males hence why when they are being promiscuous it is more taboo than when males are found to be doing the exact same. 

Women are seen as more: considerate, emotional, caring, innocent, gentle, loving, moral, committed and many other terms. Then due to the nature of sex, a women that is found ‘freeing’ up her body anyhow, is seen as not respecting herself and lowering her value. 

Now men having sex with numerous people, being seen as less severe is something I don’t condone because anyone that knows me knows I will sit down with my boys and say ‘you man are foul’. but ultimately I understand why because allegedly it’s in a males nature to wander sexually but for women historically it’s always been frowned upon. 

What I don’t understand is, why females are always screaming about sexual inequality and why they can’t be hoes in peace but there’s never talk about meaningful topics such as: equal pay, lack of females in high positions, sexual assault, young mothers needing assistance etc… 

But I guess that’s what happens when girls aren’t following the right role models.


There is something that I’ve heard females say which is quite a large misconception… “From a young age men aren’t taught how to be husbands and respect women”. For me this is quite inaccurate because I’m sure a lot of males can vouch that growing up it was always put into our heads by our parent/s that we must respect women, protect women, never hit a women, find a wife and treat her well and a whole bunch of other moral principles.

Double Standards

When discussions on gender equality are brought up I feel like double standards need to automatically be brought up. Quite honestly I feel like females are highly rewarded when it pertains to certain things. For example,

Girls don’t have to do anything to be courted, they go out and receive these dates, gifts and just attention in general but what is it that you bring to the table… what solid reasons do you possess that enable you to be deserving of this service.
I strongly feel if girls had to pitch themselves to guys upon first meeting (Dragons Den style) a lot of girls wouldn’t be getting all of the male attention they seek and receive. However girls have so much criteria that we must be able to exhibit to them, one thing that I’ve seen which is so silly is girls saying ‘I won’t give a guy my time if he doesn’t drive a 17 plate.
Giphy 2
The gag is that, this statement is coming from girls who don’t even drive and probably don’t even have their provisional LOOL.
On holidays when love and appreciation are at the forefront i.e. Valentines Day and Anniversaries men won’t usually get away with not performing a grand gesture that is suitable for the approval of his girls friends in the ‘group chat’. Yet SOME silly girls will   show their boyfriend hardly any gratitude or just give him sex as if it’s a fair trade.

I was thinking about this question the other and I’m just curious as to what people think… is it valid that a particular group of people can consistently proclaim their issue with a stereotype/double standard but willingly benefit from that same preconception??

Closing Statement

I would be naive to sit here behind my laptop and say as a male that I don’t have certain privileges over women but for all females out there you have a lot of power in society, power that is constantly neglected.

One can argue that EMOTIONAL power holds more strength than PHYSICAL power.

People often say words cut deep, when men want to hurt someone they will use the threat of violence meanwhile a women will go deeper and use emotions to hurt someone… which one of these is more powerful?

Some of you may think I sound sexist and that I’m belittling females, in fact I’m doing quite the opposite. 


I hear a lot of times that we are in a patriarchal society and male dominated world, this does ring true in a lot of  aspects but women have so much power over males it’s unbelievable. Women can evoke emotion better than any male can dream, with this ability women can sometimes get away with anything and manipulate the minds of men… ladies let’s be honest how many of you have pulled the ‘fake cry’ or ‘fake emotional’ to get your way.   

  • If a crime was to be committed and a female and I were at the scene, an officers mental bias is just going to assume I did it even if I didn’t.
  • If a female comes out and says she has been hit by a male, most peoples mind’s will just lean to her telling the truth, without receiving any evidence.
  • I’ll go to an even more basic example, if a female student is crying in class because of hay-fever, she can tell the teacher a male student hurt her and even though the teacher’s back was turned they will likely believe it with no evidence. 

I personally don’t care if you think I’m right or not but there are countless cases for males being falsely incriminated due to the allegation of a female, to be honest once you get into a ‘he says ,she says’ it gets long.

Recent Example

Katy Perry on American Idol gave a kiss to a contestant that he kind of didn’t want, not only that but she took his first kiss away that he was intending to save for his first ever relationship. If a male judge was to do this to a female contestant… I’ll leave that to you guys to finish off. 



From everything I’ve written above I will leap and say MEN AND WOMEN ARE NOT EQUAL but this doesn’t mean either gender is more superior nor should anyone be discriminated against for their gender. I know it sounds crazy but this world isn’t built for complete equality.

Everybody can’t have the same belongings, hair, phone, clothes, trainers etc,but that’s alright. Simply but men and women aren’t the same but I personally think that’s not an issue as long as nobody is being treated bad as a result of their differences.

Quote of the Blog

“There is a clear difference between inequality and discrimination”

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