No BS-Generation of Why: Part 2

This post has been long overdue but I’ve been a bit occupied with some topics that really needed to be spoken about. I just wanted to start by thanking everyone that continues to support me, blogging has been great to me in 2018 and everyone who reads has contributed to my happiness. 


Now lets get straight to the point, older people, I and hopefully some of you don’t understand people who make it their mission to go on social media and put out bollocks just to get shares, RTs and CLOUT.



Trolling in this generation is as common as breathing and for all other stuff that the majority do on social media, we’ll call that ohhh I don’t know… ‘chatting bs’. There are different ways that this can be defined and NO it definitely has nothing to do with the picture above. Lets take a definition from trusty the Urban Dictionary…


This definition is rather long and complicated, for me trolling is simply CHATTING NONSENSE THAT’S NOT TRUE IN THE ATTEMPT OF BEING FUNNY. Exhibit A


Now a lot of people always tell me I’m too serious and that I don’t know how to take a joke but when something isn’t funny I have to keep it real. I find it a large problem this generation is breeding people that make these horrible jokes SMH. If some of you find the tweet funny fair enough but not me boy.


“I don’t really like the whole concept of free speech”


This is a cornerstone principle for a lot of countries even America have it as their first amendment in their constitution but I personally don’t like the fact that anybody can just come out with any statements they like.

I will be scrolling through Twitter seeing countless tweets and be thinking “some people should be banned from the site” for the consistent nonsense they post. For me what is troublesome and probably baffling for the older generation is that PEOPLE ARE REWARDED MORE FOR CHATTING SHIT THAN SPEAKING SENSE.

This then leads to a UK wide problem that is sweeping the streets amongst the younger generation… we don’t actually have a lot of proper role models that can positively influence us instead there’s people getting fundamental information and life advice from @soandso on Twitter with 10k followers like say their limited characters are the gospel.


Final Take

Of course I can’t tell people not to have an opinion on something but honestly it’s just unfortunate that there are people that are speaking out and intentionally being stupid, just so that they can be like their local Twitter superstar and make people laugh and get a few retweets.

If we’re all being honest a few people simply just don’t have the brain power to post publically, let’s even go a step further… people don’t even have the intelligence to read information and have common sense to not believe and follow other silly people.


Quote of the blog

“Common sense isn’t all that common”









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