I Hate It When

Guess whose back, back, back

Back again, gen, gen.


After a week of struggling to think of a topic to discuss because quite frankly the TL and life as whole has been boring. I finally came up with an idea… I used Rhea Ellen as inspiration and thought why not do a blog on things that I hate which annoy me.

Now I can’t lie some of you may find these weird but honestly they rattle me so much. 

Slow Walkers

My #1 pet peeve would have to be people walking slow in front of me. I’m 6″5 with long legs so naturally I have long strides and generally I don’t like walking slow SO what I hate most is being in busy areas like Oxford Circus and Brixton, my South lot know how main Brixton gets. Coming like the image below.


Now then I’m the one that has to try and pattern the timing of my steps so I don’t kick someone’s leg cos they want to be shuffling their feet across the floor.

Keep Left

When walking in tube stations it’s written on the walls to “keep left” and quite frankly there’s an unwritten rule that you don’t walk on the right anyway.


With this being said its very jarring to be walking up the stairs, turning a corner and then find myself almost accidently kissing someone because I never expected them to be there BECAUSE they should be on the other side SMH. It’s a very simple principle but once again it just shows that some people have just lost the plot.

Everyday I’m Shuffling

I know literally everyone has been through this, let me paint a picture for you all.


As you do, you’re walking down the street with people on the same side of the road as you, then the infamous one on one/  happens. This is when two people are approaching each other and have to move out of the way of each other but instead they keep on mirroring and going in the same situation.

For me this is so annoying and awkward because firstly I’m a big man to be shuffling on main road. Then secondly most of the time I go far to one side so it baffles me when my fellow pedestrian decides to follow me when they could’ve clearly went to the other way.


Bus Drivers are Evil

I don’t know the conditions bus drivers work in, but I can’t imagine it’s that bad for the drivers to be so cold and heartless. All you guys reading surely have seen or experienced the ‘The Bus Driver Curse”

This is when you’re late for somewhere, you see your bus at the bus stop but you’re a little distance away so you have to run for it. Bearing in mind I personally hate running for buses cos I never want to draw attention to myself but hey we all have to do it at some point.

So boom, you’ve ran ALL the way down the road for the bus, it hasn’t moved, now you’ve reached the bus, you’re banging on the door then… you guessed it.



The Nerve, The Audacity

THIS right here is something I know everybody can relate to… don’t we all just hate people with no manners. Like you often have to wonder who raised certain people because they move like they have no home training.


What Gets My Blood Boling?

  1. When I hold a door open and don’t get a thank you
  2. When I let people walk on buses first and don’t say thank you
  3. When people bump into me by accident and forget to say sorry
  4. When I pick up a buggy for a lady and she just goes about her day
  5. When I step out of the way of people cos there’s only room for one person on the path but they just look me in my eye and walk off

There’s Too Many Man

We’re gonna end on this one cos this actually makes me laugh LOOL.

You know them ones where you’re in a bus, lift or train and you know it’s super packed in there like you’ve got everyone backing it up on everyone.

Then you see someone rushing to get on and create space but in your head you’re thinking “excuse me, you’re going to have to sit this one out”


Quote of the Blog

I don’t have pet peeves like some people. I have whole kennels of irritation“- Whoopi Goldberg

2 thoughts on “I Hate It When

  1. I totally agree with you 100% on people with no manners, especially when you’re trying to be a considerate person and it just gets ignored, for me personally, I take it as a major offence. But, we just have to keep going. Remember, it’s a reflection on them and their character not you. 🙂


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