What’s Your Life Worth

 With the release of Drake’s new album he gave us a lot of gems like him asking if Keke loves him but none greater than track 4 “Emotionless”.

Drake painted a picture of a few different types of people that really only live for social media, instead of their own happiness. Due to how I am I can’t relate to these silly acts but we all know people/have seen people that make it a mission to pretend they’re living a better life than they are just for people they don’t know.


“Look at the way we live”- Drake

Is It You or the Followers?

I can’t lie I’m tired of always speaking about Twitter but the app runs a lot of people’s lives and is at the heart of people not being true to themselves.

We’re in a culture where getting RTs and likes is the single greatest achievement and if it sounds like an exaggeration then boy you lot need to assess your movements because the extent that people go to is crazy just to be some Twitter Celeb like @Oloni or @JamzLdnKmt or @RejiYates.

People are tweeting stuff that I don’t think they even mean or believe but people will give it validation and then be giving it all the retweets just because they already see it’s got numbers BUT everyone claims to be a leader not a follower.


Even this tweet I came across perfectly sums up some people on Twitter. Then for the people that get their life joy from this app feel pressured to tweet and impress some simple-minded strangers LOOOL.



  1. How many people would honestly tweet the same if they knew not a lot of people would see it?
  2.  How many people delete their tweet and then do it again cos they got no reception from it?
  3. How many people don’t get upset when their tweet doesn’t bang as much as they imagined it would?
  4. How many people don’t steal tweets from others just because they saw it did numbers?
  5. How many people actually think they don’t chat shit on Twitter?

Die for Designer


Designer clothes *sigh* there are a lot of them made every year. Some with mad designs and some that are simple. The common denominator is that they all cost a lot of money and give people the perception that the wearer of these clothes has money.

As much as I don’t have a lot of respect for people in this generation, I’m confident in the fact that many can see past the designer and notice someone who is wearing these clothes desperately in need of validation. You tell me what’s more embarrassing...

Being someone who can’t afford the clothes and is comfortable and confident with their affordable style OR someone who is clinging on to these expensive fabrics with the hopes that they are accepted.

Of course people will buy designer because it will make them look nice and they like them but we can’t overlook those that waste their money on: Gucci, Kenzo, Louis V, DSquared, Christian Louboutin, Yeezy etc just for some insignificant reasons like appearing wealthy or to attract the opposite sex.

“Being with a person who was only drawn to you because of your designer is a road that doesn’t lead to anywhere good”

We’re Born Alone, We Die Alone


The heading and tweet are two truths that are undeniable, everyone reading this is their own person and honestly doesn’t need anybody to validate them from behind a screen.

I have to shout out the 90s Baby Podcast because they made this very good point in an episode, people will be on Instagram and see a heart as the ‘like’ symbol and associate it with love so when someone likes their picture it can be seen as if they love it but its not that deep more time they double tapped everything they saw or just thought it was alright… DON’T GET TOO CAUGHT UP!

I understand that our environment is so social media based and naturally its a good feeling when someone appreciates a post you’ve made but how about appreciating yourself? where has that gone?


How often have we seen celebrities commit suicide or do drugs? How often do we see people with big followings not happy? quite a lot if you ask me. Clearly having a lot of followers and likes doesn’t guarantee happiness for anyone.

When we see these deaths everyone wants to scream, “I’ve been saying followers don’t mean anything” or “You shouldn’t care about what other people say” or “I make my own happiness”

  1. Do you actually mean what you’re saying?
  2. Why is it so hard to keep the same energy?

The annoying thing about us is that we are such a temporary generation where anything meaningful doesn’t continue to get pushed but all the BS topics on the TL are always recycled e.g. how much should a first date cost? FFS.


I did a few polls on my socials recently, I’m going to drop a few of the results. As you read answer the questions yourself and really think about it! 



Quote of the Blog

“How much of a life are you really living, if you’re living for others”





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