Discipline or Abuse

It’s probably just me but I’m not liking these long breaks in between my blogs I can’t lie smh. As much as 2018 has been good to me by finally giving me a job, it definitely is an adjustment I need to make cos my free time is more limited.

BUT when I’ve been gone for a while I always try to come back with heat and this time is NO DIFFERENT

From Time G

Some may find this a delicate topic but I feel like it would be interesting to go into further. From as long as any of us can remember and even since time began children have been born and parents have raised them.

I’m not a parent myself  (thankfully) but I do have a very clear idea of how I want to be with my children  and it definitely doesn’t include them being scared of me or them running to their rooms with tears coming their eyes and marks on their bodies.

I’m sure we’ve ALL experienced that after-beats dialogue to ourselves in our rooms LOOL.

Question Time

Why do parents beat their kids? This may appear to be a simple question but as I think about it something comes to mind…

You realistically only inflict violence onto to someone out of frustration and anger not to develop and teach them something so surely there are much better ways of directing your children into doing the right things than mere physical harm. 

So as far as I’m concerned a beating would typically only happen because that parent is so angry and frustrated with their child.

QUESTION… if your friend isn’t conducting themselves properly and you want them to change their ways for the better would you beat them up or sit them down and talk?


Out of Date


Many things don’t last forever and this goes for the affects of beating your children because lets say children have only been listening to you because they will get hit, that age comes when they finally block a swing or dodge a belt and then after that a parent realises they can’t hurt them anymore.

This is why I question the impact of beating and who it really helps because all that happens is that parents relieve their anger and a child is left crying.

“Pain is temporary but respect lasts a while longer”

The Game is All Messed Up


I recently did a few polls on my socials, quick shout out to those that helped and answered. This one was an interesting  cos I made a mistake I should’ve asked “can beating been seen as abuse?”, even still I was surprised by the results.

Allegedly it’s a sticky one but for me it’s easy YES it is abuse, why is it a sticky one I’ll provide two theories… ohhh this is something that could actually get sticky LOOL.


People must really see beatings as adequate discipline but still find it a bit mad, I know the way some of you lot have been beaten if it ever got out in the open some parents would be in big trouble AND not cos this generation is soft but because it’s ABUSE.  

Prisoners of Familiarity


Everyone don’t be this idiot (I fear you all are), just because your parents used to smack you up, that doesn’t make it alright neither should YOU as the victim sympathise with it just cos it was from your parent #sorrynotsorry.

We’re old enough to have free thought and be able to discern what is right and what is wrong but still some us find ourselves being too scared to speak what we really believe and take things just because it’s we all we’ve known… that’s why SO many people are living getting manipulated BY RELIGION but are too naïve to realise but blog soon come!


Just Saying

Tbh this was just a post to try and keep it real and express my view on beating children, I used to be one of those people that would say “Anything my kid does I’m beating them” but as I grew older I realised that’s not the best method. Very often I feel like people like to be PC (politically correct) but that’s not what I set out to do on here!

Quote of the Blog

“To bring up a child in the way he should go, travel that way yourself once in a while”  

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