Preying On You

This blog may leave a very bitter taste in people’s mouths, I’ll be throwing out ideas and thoughts I’m sure some of you won’t want to hear but I’ve always vowed that on my blog I won’t censor myself or cater to others.


Religion is a beautiful thing, it provides people with a lifestyle and a beacon of hope that is unmatched but I hate when people are too scared to speak on the deficiencies of religion (mainly Christianity) because we ALL know it exists but a lot of bias is getting thrown around… It’s alright to have a mind of your own.

*DISCLAIMER* I don’t hate religion nor am I an atheist but damn my relationship with religion is definitely love-hate, honestly it’s a sticky one still but best believe much light can be shed on this one.


There’s a few things that I really don’t like about religion and many of them come from sheer being naive and people not willing to see things from another perspective. I can’t lie my walk with religion throughout my life has always been a complicated one (the next section will reveal all) this is something that I developed the bravery to be honest about but of course it wasn’t well received.

I’m sure you can imagine the slander I got, actually now that I think about it, probably not but people would tell me: I’m going to hell, I’m the devil, my life is going to be awful then I’ll wish I was a strong believer, God isn’t going to forgive me, you just don’t understand etc.

Now this is only because I did a normal thing and questioned something  that doesn’t have the most clear of answers or even any answers at all.

Point of Emphasis– Devout Christians I understand that your belief in God and the religion is extremely important to you but don’t be naive and think that everyone feels the same way, also just because you believe that everything is because of God that doesn’t mean I MUST.


My Journey

As a child I was so deeply into religion like I was as strong a believer as I could be, I went to a church of England primary school with a church actually connected. The school was based on religion so much we had a personal vicar,


we would have to say the lords prayer after every assembly and they wouldn’t tolerate you not knowing it so they would project it on the wall with the throwback technology where you put the paper on the light LOOOL.


Even for our year 6 graduation we had a church ceremony, with us wearing gowns and we were gifted bibles. My whole childhood was Christianity but this was all I was exposed and naturally I can only believe what I’m being told because when you’re young more than likely all your knowledge is coming from school, parents and pastor.

As I got old enough to think for myself I started to understand the world better, things that I once believed without a doubt were due to God, I now feel to just be sheer coincidence and just how life is. Like all of the miracles Jesus is said to have performed and the idea that God created the world but then as I grew up and found out certain things I couldn’t 100% believe it.


For almost a decade now I’ve been going through a sort of internal battle with myself, “do I believe in God?, do I believe in him not?”


I’ve lied so many times in front of people when I’ve been asked if I believe in God, because my whole life I’ve been crucified for my truth (yes pun intended), I’ve been made to feel bad and I’ve been made to feel people are better than me just because they are strong believers, I can’t be the only one that can relate to this. 

From an outsiders perspective Christianity a lot of times seems like a competition on who can appear more perfect, whats that thing that people say “fake it till you make it” well in this context it’s more “fake it till you make it to heaven” but…


My Truth

Honestly I do believe in God but not in the conventional way everyone else would say is normal, the relationship I have with God is a special one to say the least but I am thankful for that, because if anyone should understand me it’s him. To keep it 100% real I’m happy I don’t depend on God or use him to think for me or as a scapegoat for if things go bad “God put this in my path for me to overcome” nope sometimes things just go wrong and it’s okay.

I don’t look down on anyone who is religious but sometimes I think REALLY?, for instance…


Yoga is just a bit of relaxation, why does it have to get taken to some next place and…


This couple in America let their child die because they didn’t believe in vaccinations, while also stating that God is the sovereign over all diseases. To me this is dumb, I mean I understand that God is the ultimate being but to put your child’s health on the line because of a belief is a bit wild to me personally.  


This will probably be the last paragraph I write because I’m sure I’ve already made people angry enough. Religion in the wrong hands can such a huge manipulative tool and the funny thing is there are many people being manipulated and they don’t even know it. Pastors have been taking advantage of their congregation for how long?

Using people’s desperation, hope and sincere beliefs against them for personal gain is shameful but this speaks to people sometimes being to engulfed by religion as they are having the wool pulled over their eyes but they are to blinded by the gospel to see. 

I feel like it’s important to have your beliefs but not to completely depend on that belief for knowledge because you could end up believing everything you’re told.

Quote of the Blog

“Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind”

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