Oh You Want to Be Equal Equal: We Aren’t Built to Be Equal Pt. 2

We are back again with a topic that we should all have fun discussing. Quite frankly we’re only here because of Oloni, her meddling threads and frequent female resistance to logic.

Funny enough this blog was supposed to be a piece advising hoes to stop hoeing and to ask you lovely people to not be like the girls that replied to Oloni’s thread that think doing all access with your legs is “living their best life” but I was only directing it to females but allegedly “MEN DO THE SAME THING”. I beg to differ but let me explain.  

*Word to the Unwise*

To all you hoes out there I just want to know, why do you do it? Like I wish I could just have a focus group and conduct some qualitative research. Some of you need Iyanla Vanzant or Oprah to come and make you deep life.


Rumour Has It

The rumour on the street is that everyone is confused as to why it’s seen as an issue for women to have sex with a lot of men but not for men. The logical answer is socially created double standards but I prefer saying “that’s just how life goes”.


As a male I clearly don’t understand but as far as I’m concerned it would be a nice feeling to be respected and held to a high standard. In addition to being seen as more gentle, mature and an all around better person. So when I see you women complaining about trivial matters such as why you can’t open sesame your legs for anyone without judgement it leaves me to wonder…

Since when did it become so bad to be respected?

Dis Ain’t What U Want


The reason this is a part 2 is because I had another blog speaking on this point but it’s important that I bring this up again… ladies you don’t want equality with men let’s just stop this nonsense. You just don’t want to be discriminated against.

The same thing you are complaining about is something that provides you advantage probably everyday, the same thing that allows you to feel entitled to princess level treatment and the thing that you’re taking for granted… You guessed it



This is clearly an example of taking something for granted whist you have it but of course we all know absence makes the heart grow fonder so maybe your ‘female privileges’ should be revoked for a bit and have you thrown in the real world like the Purge then see how long it takes you to realise what you’re missing. Then we’ll see how much of you ACTUALLY have your own money.


Sex Education

Now for the best bit and most important something a lot of you know toooooo much about sex.

*Exhales* men and women during sex typically aren’t equal, women generally are laying down with some man on top of them sweating, while just getting pumped. Sometimes this is often with no foreplay just her having to give head then at the end she may be left with DNA and some left over kids on her face, in her mouth or even inside her smh

This is in contrast to the typical male experience he gets on top inserts, has his fun then releases wherever he pleases (he probably didn’t even look her in the eye or have to kiss her) so when we break down sex logistically it’s not equal, one of those genders is getting the short end of the stick. Can we guess who?

guess who

Quite frankly what the female is doing during sex is way worse and doing that multiple times compared to the male, I’m sorry but to me is just way worse. If you want to come and argue then bring it on I love a good debate.


Now finally let me address something ladies why do we love to ask why can’t we teach men to have respect and not have sex with any and everyone? Whilst complaining that girls and boys are taught different values. You girls are a bit silly because each girl that a male slag had to have sex with had to allow it, no man can just have sex with a girl legally without her allowing it so as much as he may be bad for moving to bare girls, the females didn’t have to allow of them to do so.

Then if a girl who sleeps with a lot of men and approaches men (borderline non-existent) still has to allow and give consent to him for them to have intercourse so women are facilitating male hoes and also facilitating their own hoeness.

That is why it is important to give females the message of respecting themselves because all of the power when it comes down to sex stops with you lot.


Who is more at fault,  the person who shoots his shot with everyone or the girl who allows herself to be accessed by someone who sticks their penis in everything?

I guess the females in these cases should’ve KNOWNNN BETTER and not allowed so many man to EXCELLENT FINISH, MO SALAHHH



We’re at the end, all I’m trying to say is that females should take more accountability than men for sex because they are the ones that allow and need to stop following Oloni and whatever questionable role models there are around because when you’re getting your back blown and getting corn for being the piece of vagina that goes round town like a rumour. She won’t be there to wipe your tears when you are at home deeping you tour uni to get dick but are struggling with your degree or to say ‘You go sis, live your best life’.

Question of the Blog

Can you boldly express an issue with a stereotype/double standard that you often benefit so much from?


2 thoughts on “Oh You Want to Be Equal Equal: We Aren’t Built to Be Equal Pt. 2

  1. We’re all entitled to our own opinions, but I think the issue here is that sex, sexual preference or the frequency of sexual activity does not equate to respect; this goes for both men and women. You mentioned that as a male, you would rather be held to a high standard, implying that engaging in sex is a justifiable means for lowering the standards to which you respect someone. The argument is much deeper than whether a not a woman wants to “open sesame” her legs; rather, as you have rightly said, it focuses on the double standard in which a man’s sexual activity does not taint his image or lower his supposed command of respect the way it does a woman. But of course, this is all just my opinion 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much for the response I love other opinions, I can’t fault anything that you just presented. Of course with things like this it’s all very subjective and to the discretion of those involved. For me the matter of sexual endeavours is very contextual and at times the higher end of the extreme scale does require an eyebrow to be raised as to how much can I respect someone for their activities because it does go too far sometimes. You’re right of course there is definitely room for a more deep and extended conversion on the topic.

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