No One Race Should Have All That Power

This post needs your FULL attention! Not because there’s any controversy like last time but because I really want to speak on something important and attempt to spark a necessary conversation.

Potential Power!  

Black people for as long as I’ve been alive have been oppressed, have been at the bottom and have been basically powerless. I was in a discussion the other day and someone asked me”do you think black people will ever be on top?” I quickly said yeah but with thought I said”actually no we can’t”…What do you think?

The scary thing is that the reason I said no wasn’t for anyone else being able to stop us but instead it’s because we block our own progress. Nobody owes us anything nor can we expect help or pity. The black community is such an OXYMORON… on one hand we can be so in sync but then so divided. Does that make sense?

Big Question!

Is there any large demographic of people that are so inconsistent when supporting their own, more so than black people?

Our Media

Social media is probably the biggest resource we have in this modern era. It’s undeniable that black people use social media so well but could more be done? As far as I’m concerned there’s more banter pages just stealing tweets getting support than actual platforms and creative minds. Like there’s memes and banter pages getting more love than certain talented music. 

How many people’s successes have come at the hands of black Twitter? How many times have we found other cultures trying to imitate what we do? How many times are big companies/figures trying to take advantage of our culture and profit from it?

I Just Want To Have a Word

So many people are just letting the side down, we have some people who are serious and actually help the cause but then SOO many others are just absolutely fickle and just disgraceful.  People will say that the division in our culture is down to the effects of slavery, I do understand that the notion of self-doubt was instilled in us but why still be prisoners of ourselves when there’s nothing stopping our minds from being free?

I honestly don’t feel like it is hard to have a united front on this matter, we’re not a stupid race nor an incapable one but we definitely are a weak one!

We have so much ability literally being hidden away and what’s being used to represent us are gimmicks and jokes but then we want to be taken seriously LOOOL. All I see being pushed by our community is… shit music, shit wigs, shit MUAs, shit ‘influencers’ lol and the odd creative. We need more substance coming from us to actually make a change and for flip sake some ACTUAL SUPPORT not just from Twitter but for real!

The End

I’m going to say this not for pity but because it serves a greater purpose, this post probably won’t get seen, from my stats the blogs where I’m just being real and not controversial hardly get views but god knows if I make a blog saying all girls are stupid and need to start closing their legs instead of opening their mouths to speak nonsense, it will get all the views.  It’s like we shy away from progression and want to stay in the confines of trivial discussions.

All these ‘Whitney come get your man’, #Fraudbae, I Shaku on the Beat As Well things would ring off the TL for days but any accomplishments are temporarily rated.  At this rate media outlets may as well keep pushing negative narratives about us because that’s the only way some of you will get some sense of unity in your spirit. 

3 thoughts on “No One Race Should Have All That Power

  1. I really love this. Yes black Twitter has so much power but in my opinion we don’t utilise it well. Take Ferdi, Loz and Osh for example. Did they really deserve the opportunities they were awarded….?


    1. Nope there’s many that probably think as we do, I’m happy that someone out there agrees with me 😌 that’s honestly my main reason for blogging to make sure people don’t feel alone in their thoughts 😊


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