2018 I’ll Miss You

2019 is almost here, which means that we’ve all made it through 2018 (hip-hip). This is going to be my last blog of the year so I really want to make it special. I know I could’ve written a post to get views about: how much I dislike ‘influencers’, how I wish this generation of girls wouldn’t be so obsessed with BBLs or how lame guys are so infatuated with these little white things that play music, AirPods? I think they’re called.

I wanted to write about something that meant a lot to me and considering the year is almost finished this topic was perfect…

The Best Year Ever

I started my blog in January and I can honestly say that it was the starting block to the best year I’ve ever had. As cliche as this may sound I’ve really found myself in 2018.


In my life I’ve come from a place I’d consider close to the bottom. I was someone who was bullied, I didn’t believe in myself, people didn’t rate/respect me and you know what I just didn’t think anything good about myself.
Through my blog I’ve done so much that I never thought I could do, starting with simply speaking my mind and having people listen/read. I’m really proud of myself .


When you live a somewhat disappointing life like I have you tend to have low expectations for anything you start doing, so when I started my blog I didn’t think I would have a lot of first week reads in fact I believe I said 5-15 and I’ll be happy loool.

This is VERY low I know but you have to remember I don’t know a lot of people, I’m not big on socials, nobody would really care about what I have to say and tbh I didn’t think blogging was big! so I genuinely didn’t think that it would get looked at.

Lessons Learned

I’ve learned so much from my life experiences, which I really put into practice this year. Learning to believe in myself came a bit later in the year but better late than never I think the saying goes.

After I checked my views I saw that the post had around 70, this was so amazing to think I’D ONLY GET 15 but to see 70 was a great feeling. The support I had from people was great!

People I expected to support… actually hoped, did end up supporting and people I don’t speak to at all shared it on snap and retweeted. More than anything, this year I learned that believing in myself is the key to anything I do being successful. It’s even funny that my blog almost didn’t exist, all because I undervalued myself and wasn’t confident

How many of you believe this quote?

I certainly do, I also live by it. I unapologetically express my opinions without a care in the world for what anyone thinks about it and you know what I’ve been nothing but happier because of it.

Sure I don’t get views all the time, I don’t have people agreeing with me all the time and I don’t have the strongest influence but I don’t care about any of that… I get to share my thoughts and opinions with anyone willing to read THAT’S ALL THAT MATTERS.

I’ve been nothing but happy all year, my blog and all who have supported it have contributed greatly.


I’m sure you get the overall trend, 2018 has been a great year for my blog and I. Honestly I was able to achieve a lot goals I had set.

I wanted to post my blog stats not because I really care about the numbers but I’m just really proud of myself and would like to show others who have gone through spells of self-esteem concerns and low confidence that you can get through it and achieve your goals.

I didn’t achieve everything I wanted this year, I can’t lie I was soooo close but the amazing thing is that in 2019 I will use that as motivation and go on to do even GREATER THINGS !

Yours Truly

To end the blog I know a lot of you have been reading my posts but probably don’t know what I look like so I thought why not drop some pics and allow you to put a face to the name. If you do like what you see then hit up my Instagram @dcspeaks1 😉

Quote of the Blog

” Because one believes in oneself, one doesn’t try to convince others. Because one is content with oneself, one doesn’t need others’ approval. Because one accepts oneself, the whole world accepts him or her”

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