Just Beat It, You’re Not a Smooth Criminal

Damn it feels so weird to be typing again, I’ve missed blogging so much but you know how university gets. I had to work on my dissertation but FINALLY I’ve finished so I can come back and rightfully take back the game! You know you missed me

Mike and Robert

Well, well, well what do we have here. If you know the saying ‘young tings run tings’ then you know these two are certainly the captains of that ship and the owners of that club. ID is certainly not needed to get in seeing as they both don’t care about age.

I can’t pretend that I’ve done research but we’ve all heard the allegations, seen interviews and have our opinions. It’s just so crazy to me that people can have an attraction to younger people like that, Even closer to home when I hear that girls are 18 and their man is like 25 it doesn’t sit well with me AT ALL! so being reminded about these two is just crazy

Both or None

No one should come for me because quite frankly you would all be hypocrites but keeping it a buck I’m not into cancelling people ‘whatever that means to this generation’. I will still listen to R Kelly and Michael Jackson if I want and that’s just me being real but I have a bone to pick with some of you!

For YEARS you people have been defending this singer and I DON’T UNDERSTAND WHY… if you couldn’t guess I’m talking about the singer who was looking at the MAN IN THE MIRROR, the one who told us THEY DON’T REALLY CARE ABOUT US and the guy who likes PRETTY YOUNG THINGS (or very young things).

Why is it that people tarnish R Kelly but hail Mike? and NO don’t tell me I’m defending R Kelly cos I’ll actually question how stupid you are! R Kelly had a case back in the day and he was acquitted (I know it was him but the legal system is mad) and married Aaliyah when she was young cool. Now there’s been hella allegations with no proof just women coming out and saying X,Y,Z could be true could be false.

“He’s like a child, “He’s so bubbly and friendly”, “His soul is innocent”

These are things people say about Michael Jackson and all I have to say in response to that is FUCK THAT and for people that say “ahh he’s dead let him rest” FUCK THAT AS WELL. I don’t care if he’s dead because quite frankly if R Kelly was dead nobody would be caring. Accountability doesn’t stop because you’re in a coffin. They both have mad allegations but Mike keeps being defended and you lot will play his music and be singing away at his music but be screaming Mute R Kelly that’s funny!

Image result for laughing

Either mute both of them or shut up because if you watched or heard about ‘Leaving Neverland’ then I don’t get how you can still love this guy just because of a little moonwalk and ABC. If a girl came out and said “R KELLY LIKED IT WHEN I WOULD BEND OVER AND SPREAD MY BUM CHEEKS AND SHOW HIM MY ASS HOLE” he would be finished and NO ONE WOULD SAY SHE’S LYING.

Battle of the Sexes

I’m sorry but I have to take it here but for both of them I guess R Kelly has more incriminating stuff against him but for the most part just a whole bunch of allegations the same as Mike, both have documentaries, both have parents who have tried to con them out of money, both of them have messed up childhoods and both of them seem to be quite dodgy characters. So what is the difference here? Other than people just love Mike.

Image result for detective

If Michael Jackson was accused of troubling little girls would you still love him as much as you do?

R Kelly is someone who has been involved with young girls and Michael Jackson was involved with young boys to me that is a large contributing factor to why Michael Jackson is still as loved as he is. It’s a mad statement but males just aren’t as cared for as females in society and it’s a clear example of TOXIC MASCULINITY but people love thinking masculinity is some gift from god that’s giving males all the greatness but that’s cap loool (I don’t typically use American slang but I had to)

If R Kelly was accused of abusing young boys I honestly think things wouldn’t play out the same but that’s just me. An allegation is an allegation of course take them with a pinch of salt but if you believe R Kelly accusers why not believe Mike accusers?


Out of all the events that took place ever what would you want to the truth about? or If you could ask somebody one question and they have to tell the truth who would it be and what would you ask?

I would ask OJ if he did it, Michael if it’s true about the allegations, Oscar Pistorius if he actually wanted to kill his girl and where is Madeline?

Lets discuss so follow me on socials and send me your answers

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