That’s Just The Way It Is

Let’s just all pretend that I’ve been posting blogs and that uni hasn’t stopped my progress 🙂

Now I’m EXTREMELY opinionated, some would call it caring to much but f that cos turning a blind eye to what everyone is doing is why we’re living in this world of sin. That line ironically leads me to something I hate girls that tweet about wanting a Jay-Z but shiiiiit they ain’t no Beyonce more so Wendy Williams.


Now I don’t want to hear any nonsense of course people should have standards but being a gold digger shouldn’t be in your mind, I see girls talking about “I need a guy to spend money on me and drive” because ‘its what they deserve’ but what warrants this demand… what is that you’re really bring to the table sis?  you’re probably just a sub par-debatable looking girl with alright sex skills but then again maybe even exceptional considering how much experience some people have.


They Do Anything For Clout


If this isn’t the gospel, people are really out here doing stuff for clout loool. This is something that I simply don’t understand. This may sound mad but I don’t really respect humans and everyday or two I’m assured as to why that is! I had to unfollow so much people on socials because I’m tired of seeing the same things: wanna make money fast, wanna trade, slayedby…, men are trash, patriarchy, half price food etc. Its enough now but everyone will swear they’re leaders not followers.


Even bloody Miss Stupid Fabulous and this Natalie girl who almost ‘killed’ her just exposing each other and milking this temporary fame, it’s so annoying. Renee is on live being illiterate, unintelligent and aggressive while making hour long videos on a situation that happened a while ago for the sake of ‘being transparent with her supporters’. Then we have No-Clout Natalie going on live in order to try and leech off her stabber but little does she know NO ONE CARES/WILL EVER CARE ABOUT HER!

Body Conscious

Ah this is a bit of a sticky one because speaking on women’s body’s as a man is a bit taboo but for me I’m going to do it anyway because women don’t always know how to be real with their fellow ladies. This BBL shit has to stop because I’m sorry it doesn’t look natural, you don’t always look good after and you looked better before most likely, allegedly it’s to fix insecurities but I don’t know chief. I definitely don’t think you can have a BBL while loving yourself or if you do the love clearly that wasn’t that strong.

Who made this surgery popular?


Plus Size Ain’t The Best Size


All this empowerment stuff will be the death of some people literally! Commercialising plus sized people ain’t it, it’s not cool to be obese and unfit and there shouldn’t be any clothing that push the agenda of obesity being cool or acceptable because it’s definitely not. No one should be bullied or treated badly because of their weight but it’s definitely not cool AT ALL.

Spot the Difference


*Feel free to play the game* 

Everyday as I scroll through social media and see what people with too much time have to offer I find myself playing spot the difference because everyone is doing and looking the same. Ladies for instance shopping in the same places and wearing the same wigs 😦 and the lucky few fly to Turkey and all ask for the same body LOOL in the hopes they look better. 


Guys will get the same haircuts (I do that shit, guilty as f*ck), wear the same clothes, buy the same trainers and chat to the same run down girls while competing on who can have sex with the most of them. 

OHHHH let me not get started with business owners as much as it’s respectable that they are being their own boss but come on certain places are getting a bit crowded like ladies not all of you have to sell lashes or bundles it’s alright to do something else! Mandem it is perfectly fine to have clothing line with nothing to do with money or grinding 24/7.


This generation is a mess, people need help and they need it now… The End


Quote of the blog

“It is better to celebrate difference than to reward imitation”




























































































































































































































































































































































































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