Final Year Blues

After 3 years I’ve finally finished uni…


This is rather bittersweet because as much as lectures are boring and revising is far from ‘lit’ I can’t deny that I enjoy learning and being at university was fun. It’s the type of experience that really builds you as a person. Now that my three years have come to an end life has to get real and I have to be an adult and start a CAREER. Realistically I’m free now but at this point living out that freedom comes at a cost!


Now I guess I’m happy that I know what industry I want to try and conquer but that’s the early step. How I’m going to break boundaries is slightly trickier and something that I’m sure people can relate to. Getting a job without experience is basically an extreme sport nowadays I’d probably have a better shot of being a snowboarder without experience.


In this world that we live in your skills and ability aren’t really enough for employers to give you a chance, as much as I understand the reason behind it, it’s damaging and doesn’t allow talent to flourish because experience isn’t the easiest thing to obtain. Doing applications and facing rejection is very ANNOYING as I’m sure we’re all aware but you have to just “keep swimming, just keep swimming” (if you don’t know where that’s from then boyyyyy you’re a bit too young lool.


I feel like I am experiencing a resurgence within myself and I am in the greatest mindset that I can possibly be, I know that I’m great and have a lot to offer and no employer can take that away from me. If you’ve finished uni and don’t really know what you want to get into or have been getting rejected DON’T WORRY.

It may seem a bit daunting but this is the time to work towards achieving your goals. Even the pressure of getting at least a 2:1, a lot of graduate jobs/internships ask for this magical grade but these two numbers don’t guarantee that someone knows what they are doing. The concept of exams has always baffled me because exams really are a test of memory not intelligence because you can know everything but on the day if you simply forget you’ll get a low grade and considered incompetent.


There’s more to us than letters and percentages and personally after this 3 years I’m leaving with more debt than knowledge as I’m sure most of us can relate to but all in all I’ve learned some valuable things and met some amazing people it’s definitely been a time worth remembering.

Big shout out to SFE for making university fun, hopefully we don’t speak anytime soon.


Quote of the blog

“Your value should be established internally not through the criteria of others”














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