Happy Birthday Sis!

I want to start this blog by saying this is going to be the most special blog I’ve written so far. This piece is also an open letter to my sister Syria who sadly died on 30th October 2004, she was only 6 and I was only 7. Today is/would’ve been her 21st birthday!


She isn’t able to celebrate it and feel like a princess like all girls should on their 21st so I dedicate this to her as a decent attempt to celebrate her birthday. She died such a long time ago but I remember her being an amazing and creative girl who loved art, painting and drawing.  She had a smile so wide and bright.

After 3 years of university I will be graduating next month. Of course this is a great moment but sometimes I dwell on the fact that she will never be able to experience things that I know she could’ve enjoyed like: a party, prom, university, graduation, speaking on the phone to friends, restaurant link ups and even simply becoming an adult. All things that we take for granted but we honestly shouldn’t. So this my graduation isn’t only mine but in my heart her’s also.


There are many decisions that I wish I could take back but the big 3 are that I wish I had a better understanding of death, I wish I came to your casket to see you one last time and I wish I didn’t say no to speaking at the funeral! I’m sorry I was just young and dumb (as cliche as that saying is)

This is going to be the first time I mention this properly on social media and on my site, for those that won’t like it or find it cringe to read I’m sorry in advance. It just genuinely felt so right to post and quite frankly like I said at the start I’m trying to celebrate her 21st. 

Good Thoughts

I wish I could have her back at all costs, I’m thankful my dreams have allowed me to see her again, hug her again and play with her again. However I don’t see it as all bad because HONESTLY she must be in a better place! Again here I go with the cliches but I believe it with all my heart. Seeing how the world is and how boys and girls are nowadays in LDN apart of is thankful that I know she’s safe from societal pressure, beauty standards, trash guys, fake friends, social media etc. 

Everybody say YEAHHH!


It is a sad thing to go through and to everyone reading that has lost someone close I’m terribly sorry I can only imagine how that feels for you. With everything that I’ve discussed I find it so important not to take things for granted. Any experiences you have remember many people wish they could do what you’ve done. Many of us have complained about uni but there are people that would do anything for an education.


Rest in Peace Syria, I’ve tried to live the best life so far that I can for you to be proud of me as your brother. I sincerely hope I have made you proud and smile from wherever you are. You’re 21 now, it’s your special day to shine as I know you already have been! I Love You!



Quote of the blog

“Never take what you have for granted”

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Sis!

  1. This genuinely had me in tears! This is so beautiful. I wish Syria happy birthday. I’m sure she is proud of you, it is important to never forget the things you never understood as a child, But grow to appreciate how oblivious children were to unsettling situations. Congratulations on your success so far and hope many more to flow in.

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