The Parent Trap

For those that care, I know I’ve been gone a long time but if I’m honest I had no topics that I could write about (I wanted to write about a few things but you we live in a world where you must be politically correct).


For you today I have a reflective topic “growing up & parenthood”. As much as I’m not a parent I have conversations about it a lot with people. I personally feel that being a parent is the hardest thing in the world but to be more specific… having your child grow up without being externally influenced is the hardest thing in the world.

This leads me to a question, haven’t done this in a while!


What has contributed most to how you’ve grown up? your parents or the external environment e.g. social media, friends, area where you grew up?

Home and Away


Quick side note am I the only that used to love this show? probably let me just move on. I can’t be certain about what you all would say but I’d have to lean towards the external environment for the simple fact that I’m sure a lot of you have done/currently do things that from young your parents told you and maybe even warned you not to do.

Most of our parents told us what is right, we heard, understood and still did the opposite anyway! There’s nothing that they could’ve done to stop it in my opinion. What about you guys?


I often question whether or not this generation is harder to manage in comparison to ours? everyday I see these younger lot running around moving crazy in ways that we didn’t and it just makes me think about how different you think when you haven’t experienced life.

We all know how hard it is to get sense through to young people especially when they think they know it all, parents can only do so much telling, whats that saying… You can bring a horse to water but you can’t make it drink (well in some parents book unless you beat it)


Forced vs Earned Respect

I guess the ultimate goal for a parent is to have the respect of her children, this respect leads to an easier process of discipline and children listening to them. I won’t lie though I feel a lot of parents confuse respect with fear. This number one method of beating children only creates fear and as far as I’m concerned fear comes with an expiry and with a lot of potential resentment.

Quick Question…


The methods of discipline used on you, would you do the same to your own children?

A lot of people can say yes and that’s fine but from I’ve seen and heard the rest if YOU say yes then you’re just cruel. If we’re all being unbiased adults some of the punishments you lot got from your parents aren’t even cool.

What proper annoys me is the fact that I know that people move like it was calm just because it was their parent and they don’t want to see them in a bad light but nahh they were wrong and highkey abusive.


And for the life of me lets stop this, “yeah that happened to me but I turned out alright” soooo that don’t make it alright, yeah you learned from it however nowhere does it make it the best and most suitable way to discipline anyone.

The Future


I think about the future a lot with special attention being given to how I want to be as a parent. I really want to earn their respect as opposed to dictating that I should have it. I really speak with them like we’re equals not just someone that is above them, how can I want their respect if I’m not going to grant them the same courtesy?

I can fully understand the troubles that parents face because us younger generation can be a handful and hard of hearing but I strongly believe that with patience, understanding and empathy but we know how much that generation gap messes things all up!

Quote of the blog

“At the end of the day, the most overwhelming key to a child’s success is the positive involvement of parents”- Jane. D. Hull





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