If I had One Wish… I’d Do Some Things Differently

All of us have grown up watching things like Fairly Odd Parents, Aladdin and Cinderella. Shows/films that involved people having magical people that are able to grant them wishes in order to make life better. I definitely wish this was my life because I can’t lie I have so many things in my life that I regret and would love to change.


There’s a particular phrase that I have a love-hate relationship with “everything happens for a reason”. Now for some people it’s very comforting and maybe people actually believe it but for me I don’t like to hear it. Nobody really wants to hear that “yeah you’re going through something bad but it’s for a greater purpose” the biggest reason why I don’t like it is because the situation was always something that could have been avoided by me so it just puts salt in the existing wound.


I Spy With My Little Eye, Something Beginning With F


Today the F is going to be for fool/foolish because that’s what I’ve been a lot in my life and the sad thing is I’d only realise way after the mistake has been made. I put a lot of these mistakes down to lack of confidence and just not knowing any better. I would say age also but these things I probably should’ve known better about but socially I was a late bloomer.


If you could wake up tomorrow with it being the first day college and you have all the knowledge you’ve accumulated through living? I’ll let you think about it.


For me it’s a difficult decision but ultimately I may have to rewind time, tbh I would even take it back to secondary school but nahh I don’t know how much more I can take of hearing Of Mice and Men as well as the bloody American dream LOOOL. I’ve heard so much that you shouldn’t live with regrets and it’s best to not think about… OH YEAH let me not forget the infamous “I wouldn’t change anything I’ve been through because I am who I am today”

That is a positive attitude that is probably how I should think but it is hard because on one hand I like how I am and really appreciate the way I’ve developed as a man but at times I can’t help but feel like I can be better and wish I actually was.

The Butterfly Effect

I am a strong believer in this concept, one small event can have a great impact on how things will go after that. Things like this get me thinking about small mistakes I’ve made or things I’ve been scared to do and how different things would be for me if I just was a it braver/smarter.


This blog wasn’t written to be long, it was really just a think piece because this is a topic I think about really often, not from a negative standpoint. I don’t stress on it I really try to use it as motivation going forward. Dwelling on things you can’t change or control is something that I don’t like to do but it can be hard. Anyone dealing with regrets or wishes things will be different use your down moments as motivation!


Quote of the Blog

“The best lessons are sometimes learned when it’s too late”




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