Do I Have To?

In this day and age it’s risky business to go against the grain, having opinions that others don’t agree with will leave you often time with no reward. It’s funny that most of the people that are loved on socials all do/say the same type of things… coincidence. The theme of life seems to be fall in line with what the majority love or fall behind.

Politics Is Tricky

I’m sure we’ve all heard of the term politically correct or being ‘pc’, I found a definition that reads “extremely careful not to offend or upset any group of people in society”. Me personally this concept of being pc and attempting to not offend is a very slippery slope and becoming harder and harder.

I’ll give a prime example people are quick support their friend’s music but in actuality it’s rather trash but in order to not seem like a bad friend they will lie to them instead (like that is a better choice). You’ve allowed your friend to go into the wild with their shit music with them thinking it’s great.

I Thought We Were Neighbours

Considering my last section I use my blog to say whatever I want despite if it’s popular or not so with that being said… I don’t really like religion or even certain religious people. There’s so much ignorance and hypocrisy it’s rather disgusting. I often feel like religion is forced on everyone this whole “I believe in God, I’m such a great person” and “If you don’t give your life to Christ you’ll go to hell”. The amount of times I’ve been told I’m going to hell would probably surprise you. Who is it that told you that you’re not going to hell? LOOL

I wouldn’t think a certain someone would be happy with you using scare tactics to try to get someone to share your beliefs. Which leads me to my point ‘do I have to believe the same things you do? It’s crazy how offended some people get when you disagree with them. Especially on things that are opinion based and not confirmed fact.

Image Conscious

This isn’t the main point and I don’t want to write on it for long but when it comes down to plus size people why are they always celebrated as if it’s a positive they are the size they are. On Twitter you’ll see ‘bigger’ people and everyone is saying they look great and ‘go girl’ but I consider this enabling behaviour. The odd person that complimented them but told the truth was ripped down and labelled ‘HATERS‘ but why, for telling the TRUTH.

Being overly concerned with what people think about you must be some sort of illness because it is a very unhealthy way to live. In addition it must get very tiring being someone you’re not, for people who don’t know you in order to be liked/have their approval. YOU HATE TO SEE IT.


Everyone should be able to share whatever opinions they wish, without their being a group of people attempting to tear them down. Of course if they did it in a respectful and considerate way,because there is a fine line between being truthful and rude. There seems to be an epidemic of over-sensitivity going around and wanting the approval of others, I feel like the cure would be to learn to be comfortable with who you are inside and out while broadening your level of understanding to able to take in points that you do’t completely agree with.

Quote of the Blog

“Just because you got offended, doesn’t mean that what you heard/saw was offensive”

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