I haven’t posted consistently in a very long time. I post like 1 blog a month or once every 3 months (how shit). I’m really trying to take myself to the next level but life really will make things hard for you. There’s so much creativity I want to put out but actually doing it is another story but I have a new found motivation.

The Hate U Give

Social media is a great place for many different reasons (one of which is the focal point of this blog but we’ll get to that). Entertainment, laughs, communication etc. You can see people online showcasing any number of ventures that they have going on and of course where there’s positivity online you’ll find negativity. More than likely in the form of ‘hating’.

Here we have the definition of ‘hating’ although not from Oxford or Collins, it seems pretty accurate (you may disagree but hey I didn’t write it). I would be lying if I said I never hated on anyone , looking back on it I certainly regret it. I would see someone doing better than me or obtaining the things I wish I could have then really resent them and find any way to discredit them.

I reflect a lot and realised that I was a hater and deeped that it was coming from toxicity, insecurity and lack of mental strength. I’m really thankful for the 360 that I have been able to do.

Star Filled City

Here we are now, the focal point of the blog… The main positive to me of social media is the amount of inspiration I see. I won’t lie, my life is nowhere near the place I wish it was in but seeing others achieving really lights a fire in me and pushes me to be where they are. I’m not a person with too much pride so I will say with my chest I’m inspired and look up to so many people my age or even younger.

It’s hard to make it in life but there are so many examples of people that are dropping gems daily, for me it’s important to see these people as people to look up to as opposed to envying them. Many successful people started off in the same environments and positions as you.

Question Time

Image result for question time

If They Can Make It, Why Can’t You?

Krabs in a Bucket

Image result for mr krabs

It’s important to be self aware and understand that there’s no harm in not being where you want to be. Things take time and it’s cliche but true… your journey doesn’t have to be the same as someone else’s. It does no good having a ‘crabs in a bucket’ mentality, which describes the act of bring others down in order for you to reach higher. Wanting others to succeed and being genuinely happy for them can do a lot of good.

This is the best time to really take in what others are doing and be proud to witness a lot of the free inspiration, you’ll really find a new found drive and you may learn some things you didn’t yet know were important.

Quote of the Blog

“There’s strength in not being exactly where you want to be and understanding that it’s perfectly okay”- Me

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