Is Your Type Right?

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We’re back at it again people, I hope you’ve all been good. I’m still working on being consistent, probably going to try and drop a blog weekly (let’s try speaking good things into existence ey)

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Like Island

Winter Love Island is finished , shout out to MY winners Mike & Priscilla, they finally gave us what some of us have been waiting for. In the spirit of Love Island I want to write a blog discussing how poorly some of you lot play the game in your own lives…the game I’m calling ‘Like Island’. You know this game of flirting, unwanted situationships and spontaneous feelings.

I’m happily out of the game but from just being observant and hearing the stories that go around, it really is the ghetto. We have girls trying to do this no feelings thing and this ‘treat me like a princess or you can’t have me’ and failing very miserably. The lack of intuition and the pool of unserious guys they chose, while publicly slandering them but loving it behind closed doors and open legs. *quick question* do girls know when they are being used and voluntarily allow it or are they none the wiser?

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I can’t forget the guys either, I know there’s guys that think they have their situations so patterned to the point that they believe girls are only speaking to them and no other guys (how naive of them). Let’s not ignore the guys that go for younger girls just because they are more likely to fall for their lies. I also don’t get how so many man are trying to be Hugh Hefner RIP by having multiple girls at once but manage to get caught and sometimes even exposed on socials… you hate to see it!

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I’m going to try something, if you’ve seen Love Island you should be familiar with the phrase “I’ve got a text”. For this blog I’m switching it up to what you see below, throughout the blog you’ll see that a few times and when you do expect a nice little message of advice/thought provoking statement.

“I’ve Got an iMessage!”

It’s always confused me when certain girls watching Love Island will be saying, things along the lines of “sis is getting played, it could never be me” but darling IT IS YOU… in your spare time you are the one the getting played.

Are You a Slave To Your Type?

Everyone has things/features/characteristics they would prefer the person they are pursuing romantically, commonly known as their ‘type’. From being observant I’ve really noticed that a lot of people need to comprehend that ‘what they want, isn’t always what they need’. People have some questionable types with a lack of accountability… let me explain.

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I feel like it’s lowkey an illness to keep on going for the same type of person over and over again despite it clearly not banging just because ‘they were your type’. Both men and women feel there aren’t a lot of ‘good ones’ left but if you actually held yourself accountable and realised that you’re just a poor judge of character with no intuition, you could have a better luck altering what you believe you like.

“I’ve Got an iMessage”

Mandem some of you have to stop thinking that it’s hard to find a good girl and that most girls are hoes, it’s not their fault your type is ‘HOE’ and that’s all you are attract. If some of you just stopped messing around the maybe you could experience some good karma. But NOOOO what do you continue doing… going for the same type of girl (pretty insane if you ask me).

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To think that there are girls out here chatting to guys whose government name they don’t know, they have to address him as : Jay, D1, Junior, G Muni and whatever name they make up but be surprised when you don’t get taken serious. “It’s an evil world we live in”- Future.

Maybe the Heart Should Rethink That One

Everybody likes what they like but for ME I can’t help but be a personality guy over looks. Like I honestly don’t care about initial ‘sexual attraction’ because I’m the type of person that will get that attraction from other things about a person. Stereotypes aren’t the best thing to fall for but I’m a firm believer that certain types of people will only lead to disappointment and people really have some disappointing types. Sorry not sorry.

*I’ve got an iMessage*

Most of us are of a decent age now and honestly just giving your heart and feelings to someone for shallow reasons is a bit mad. Personally I feel like if you’ve always gone for a certain type of person and it hasn’t worked out yet, why not rethink what it is you like? That doesn’t mean settle but more so change your way of thinking in order to find someone better.

Quote of the Blog

“Don’t allow present familiarity lead to your future downfall”

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