If I Can’t Have You No One Can

For anybody reading that isn’t aware, I’m black so anything you see below will definitely not be biased because quite frankly I don’t mind ruffling a few feathers amongst the community. Even let me take it a step further, I feel like it’s important that someone comes along and takes a different stand from everyone else because too often than not I see issues on … Continue reading If I Can’t Have You No One Can

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“Age is just a number”, yeah right!

*DISCLAIMER* this blog is kind of different from my previous ones, in a sense that I am venting and ranting about my feelings so it may not be the most politically correct or censored piece of writing but sometimes this is necessary… so without further a do.  Age is a construct that has been around since forever, age can be defined simply as the amount … Continue reading “Age is just a number”, yeah right!

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Drive, Determination & Destiny

For many people my age, university is their current focus but this doesn’t apply to every 20 year old. Others are spending their time being out of education ensuring that they have experience in their desired field with apprenticeships or they are making some money being in full time employment. But we are all united around one thing…THE ULTIMATE GOAL OF BEING SUCCESSFUL AND HAVING … Continue reading Drive, Determination & Destiny

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Together We Stand, Divided We Fall

We’re in a time now where EVERYBODY is screaming ‘squad’, ‘gang’, ‘my g’ and a whole bunch of other endearing terms that are exchanged by friends… and how can we forget the lyric that took over 2017 “If gang pull up, are you gonna back your bredrin?!” Now the general consensus is that people will answer yes without hesitation but if we change that question … Continue reading Together We Stand, Divided We Fall

Social Media Crazy-Generation of Why: Part 1

For my second blog post I’ve decided to start a series called… Generation of Why (but what does this actually mean?) When adults look at young people in this current generation I know, most of the time, they are confused and always asking ‘WHY’ we do the things that we do and quite frankly I often sit and think why too because although I’m part of … Continue reading Social Media Crazy-Generation of Why: Part 1