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Am I That Much of a Threat?

Through blogging I’ve been given many opportunities, one that was really special to me was when I was invited to do my first university talk at Northampton University called ‘Dear My Black Kings’ with Keith Dube aka Mr Exposed. Not a lot of guys turned up to the event at all, why? I’m not sure but that didn’t stop us from having a great and … Continue reading Am I That Much of a Threat?

No BS-Generation of Why: Part 2

This post has been long overdue but I’ve been a bit occupied with some topics that really needed to be spoken about. I just wanted to start by thanking everyone that continues to support me, blogging has been great to me in 2018 and everyone who reads has contributed to my happiness.¬† Now lets get straight to the point, older people, I and hopefully some … Continue reading No BS-Generation of Why: Part 2

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We Aren’t Built to be Equal

“Hold on wait a minute ya’ll thought I was finished”… What a great way to start off my comeback blog after I haven’t posted in a while and of course… FREE MEEK! It’s only right I come back with some fire because a lot of people have suggested I write more controversial topics and what’s more controversial than triggering some females. “Girls are finished” Guys … Continue reading We Aren’t Built to be Equal

If I Can’t Have You No One Can

For anybody reading that isn’t aware, I’m black so anything you see below will definitely not be biased because quite frankly I don’t mind ruffling a few feathers amongst the community. Even let me take it a step further, I feel like it’s important that someone comes along and takes a different stand from everyone else because too often than not I see issues on … Continue reading If I Can’t Have You No One Can