Good Girl Gone Bad

Drake once said once said ‘from the concrete who knew that a flower would grow’. Meaning that at times you get unlikely positives from bad environments but The Slumflower certainly doesn’t fit this description. It seems she came from a bad situation and turned into a stinging nettle. I’ve been aware of The Slumflower for a few years now, she has honestly done some amazing … Continue reading Good Girl Gone Bad

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Just Beat It, You’re Not a Smooth Criminal

Damn it feels so weird to be typing again, I’ve missed blogging so much but you know how university gets. I had to work on my dissertation but FINALLY I’ve finished so I can come back and rightfully take back the game! You know you missed me Mike and Robert Well, well, well what do we have here. If you know the saying ‘young tings … Continue reading Just Beat It, You’re Not a Smooth Criminal