Good Girl Gone Bad

Drake once said once said ‘from the concrete who knew that a flower would grow’. Meaning that at times you get unlikely positives from bad environments but The Slumflower certainly doesn’t fit this description. It seems she came from a bad situation and turned into a stinging nettle. I’ve been aware of The Slumflower for a few years now, she has honestly done some amazing … Continue reading Good Girl Gone Bad

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Oh You Want to Be Equal Equal: We Aren’t Built to Be Equal Pt. 2

We are back again with a topic that we should all have fun discussing. Quite frankly we’re only here because of Oloni, her meddling threads and frequent female resistance to logic. Funny enough this blog was supposed to be a piece advising hoes to stop hoeing and to ask you lovely people to not be like the girls that replied to Oloni’s thread that think doing … Continue reading Oh You Want to Be Equal Equal: We Aren’t Built to Be Equal Pt. 2

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We Aren’t Built to be Equal

“Hold on wait a minute ya’ll thought I was finished”… What a great way to start off my comeback blog after I haven’t posted in a while and of course… FREE MEEK! It’s only right I come back with some fire because a lot of people have suggested I write more controversial topics and what’s more controversial than triggering some females. “Girls are finished” Guys … Continue reading We Aren’t Built to be Equal